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Our company rents event tent, grandstand, ledscreen event truck and other event technical eqipments. Our main profile is event organization.
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A Picard Project LTD.

Picard Vilmos and his family traveld round the world with their show during the past decades. They have gained an outstanding international reputation. In 2011, Vilmos Picard founded the Project LTD. In the last few years we took part in organizing several well-known shows and events in Hungary and all around the world.

Rent event tent and grandstand

Our company offers an unique event tent and a grandstand for maximum 600 persons.

Ledscreen event truck

Our company offers a ledscreen event truck, with stage and complett audio-visual studio.

Event technical equipments

Any technical equipment, what you need for your event… sound, light, stage, and other special equipments.

Show organization

In our repertoire you find various shows, airs and artists. Our company represents the shows of Hungarian Aerial Association!

Rent event tent and grandstand

Event tent

Our company offers the most modern circus type event  tent in Hungary. If you are bored of past years classic white  beer tent events, and you would like to represent  new-wave colorful and exciting solution, our event tent would be a perfect choice for you.

  • Floor area: 26 x 30m
  • Construction area: 50 x 44 m
  • Maximum height of the tent: 12 m
  • Maximum height of balusters: 14 m.

Service tent

The service tent is the accessory of the event tent. This smaller tent is use for to place the technical  staff, ushers, catering …etc.

  • Floor area: 6 x 12m
  • Construction area: 12 x 18 m
  • Maximum height of the tent: 5,5 m

Set up / demolition

The area should be flat, smooth surface. The surface may be grass, but also stone pavement space is suitable for  construction of the tents. The construction area must be accessible by semi-truck.

  • Costruction tim deppending on ground type is 1,5-2 days
  • Demolition time is 1 day
  • Basic condition of set up and operation is minimum 3x32A power source


For the event tent or independent our company can represent a complet grandstand for maximum 600 persons. You can hire the grandstand minimum capacity of 200 persons. The grandstand is measured for the event tent, buti t is perfect independently for outdoor events too.  It can built aginst, around, or on the stage too.

Raised-line, independent chair, backrest, a controlled system in accordance with EU rules.

We offer the grandstand for 200 persons combined with the ledscreen event truck for road-shows, exhibitions and special outdor events.

  • Maximum 600 persons
  • 8 rows grandstand
  • set-up of 2 or 3 units
  • Set-up time deppending on  size is  2-5 hours.

Other opportunities:

In the case of tents and grandstand rental, on request we can provide basic sound system. It is suitable for live speech, background music, video sound (it is not concert quality!). If you need proffesional sound system , please coordinate with us to find the best solution for your event

Ledscreen event truck

Our company offers a led screen on truck. It’s perfect for outdoor events, because with the truck the led wall can be set up anywhere. On the truck there is a complete video studio, which is connected to the led wall. So any kind of media can played on the screen like TV programs, movies, PC programs, advertissments, spots, CD/DVD presentations, live camera view. It’s perfect for events, concerts, presentations, shows, sport events etc. The led screen can be operate 24 hours a day.

Datas of ledscreen truck:

  • Weight:  23 t
  • Size: 10,5 m x 7 m
  • Hight:  6,5 m
  • Ledscreen: 4 x 3 m
These datas are represents the set-up ledcscreen truck with stage. The ledscreen can operate with its own diesel aggregator with external power supply.aggregator (400V/3X32 amper)

Set-up and operation:

The screen is ready to work till 1-1,5hour from arrival, it is deppends on technical support, special needing, and the set up place. The screen can be operate from local electricity or it’s own aggregator. In case of aggregator operation maintenance work is needed in every 12 hours. Maintenance is 10-15minutes only. The operate the aggregator 5 liter diesel fuel is needed per hour. To operate the led screen and the truck we ensure 2 technical person.

Detailed techical data:

Container Length: (without vehicle, closed): 6,9 m

Width: 2,5 m

Height: 4,2 m

Full Weight: 24 t (with aggregator)


1. variation: with multifunctional LED screen

Width (truck+support): 4 m

Max. Height: 5,2 m

Screen lower edge: 2 m

Screen Size: 12 m2 (approx. 4×3 m)

Color Depth: 68 Million Color

High Resolution: 512×384 pixel

Brightness: 8,660 NIT (measured)

Pixeldistance: 7,8 mm (virtual), 15,6 mm

LED/pixel: 4

Pixel/ m2: 16,384


2. variation: with multifunctional LED screen and showstage (showstage is optional only for request !)

Full Length: 10,60 m

Full Height: max 6,5 m

Full Depth: 7 m

Screen Size: 12 m2 (approx. 4×3 m)

Stage Size: approx. 15 m2 (4,8×3,2 m)

Stage Flooer Height: 0,5 m

Maximum Load:

Point Loading: 650 kg

Full Load: 1450 kg


Side Advertisement Tarp

Material: PVC

Format: 1,2×2 m

Inscription Range: 1,14×1,8 m



Other datas:

  • Can be used in sunlight (adujstable color, contrast,saturation) 
  • Can be used in rain, the screen is waterproof! 
  • Shading and roofing stage. 
  • Molino advertising space and anchorages 
  • Own diesel aggregator. 
  • DVD, visual and video materials, the incoming video signal, broadcasting live camera recording media.  
  • Bsic sound- and light system for smaller concert, show, performance. (by appointment)


Show organization

In our repertoire you find various shows, airs and artists. Our company represents the shows of Hungarian Aerial Association!.

Tünde Vincze the event manager of our company. She teaches several aerial acrobat acts of TV shows. She worked with actors, singers, movie stars and famous media characters. The finalist program of „Kismenők” TV talent  show is according to her name too.  She organized the 1st Aerial World Championship in Budapest . At Hungarian National Theater she theached the actors of „Szeszélyes nyár” play.  She was one of the producer of „ Ludas Matyi” performance at Hungarian National Circus. At  „Dal” talent show one of her disciple shown an amazing performance.

Event technical equipments

Any technical equipment what you need for your event!

Satge and accessories

Different sized stages, stringers systems, lift motors and coverage. Event cordons, guides, routing tables, containers, stands, wooden houses can be installed compared to your ideas.

Ligth and visual technic

Modern lighting systems, laser devices and projection technology solutions.


Sound technic

Full-scale sound reinforcement, audio consoles, translation and interpretation facilities.

Transportation, special machines

Small Lorries, trucks with trailers for your transporting needs. Other special handling and lifting machines are on stock at your disposal.

Our team

Meeet our team. The way to success is a perfect team!

Our partners and works sorted by companies

In the former years we worked together with several small and large international companies.

Cotact us

You can contact us directly by the next e-mail client, our you can find our other contacts at the bottom of the page.